Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Threadbare in Repose

My sister, you wrote to me
from your laid bare dying bed
Dotting eyes and crossing tees,
just trying to reconcile me
And what sweet words could I transcribe
to ease this passing bind,
or tie it all together,
to justify
the difference between our minds?

Ironing a crease,
driving great distances to never forget,
to not make words on a screen the last
moments of being reconciled
If words were passed along
in years fixing foundations in caste,
each person’s a niche in an imperfect union

My sister, older and wiser,
administrator of black-white protectionism,
your questions that day, they cut
across and burned a hole in my screen,
planted resentment and guilt
to swallow in your memory

A seat in silence for many years,
strapped to the point of convex,
molded my mind, mending time
in unraveling the explanation you were seeking
The justification of divergent paths,
of politics, philosophy, chains of events,
still unraveling so many years on,
after passing
So many worlds apart from that place,
sans the shade of reconciliation,
sans stain of justification and shame

MM 2/17

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Cut Reclaimed

Beneath sheer scale,
in random currents lie,
they cut reclaimed through sifting silt,
wilting layers recall in years,
galoshing about in clumsy amnesia,
conjoined in cold symbiotic mimes,
assessed frames of lost time

Aligned and alive,
blessed in faint redress,
commutual disaffection
Smoke signals drowning in deafening dusk
to initial a journey ‘twixt disparate constructs

Seedling years bloom decomposition,
harbor of salts congealed
a harvest, a budding combust

Wafting through a continuum of revision,
pick up the receiver,
speak clean, and engage the surface
Yet this is not to reconcile
your perpetual disconnection

Where the moment lives
Dilution by volume, mileage, and missives,
unwritten in earnest,
ensconced in the surface condition
Slid across the desk and folded,
filed in graves,
lying with the many

MM 2/17

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shadows on the Other Side

Whispering avoidance in detuned song,
lyrical – well-versed gestation, hissing in meaning,
tuned in and wrapped outward
Seek to enclose the orb within a sphere
                        The fog bank –

Godspeed, my friend. Around mangled curvatures,
unfolding passes and shaken rag ridges,
into scope of elevation, vicariously
Context of a hidden moment
projected into violet spring hues
through gnarled embankments
Staggering… Shining…

Spurring scene warms, bittersweet,
choking on the pill and its packaging
Sights signify, signs comply,
scenery paints a path of escape,
enclosed in certainty of passage,
informing eyes and conscience,
with shadows on the other side

Overheard and overseen,
the tiniest brushstroke on canvas so vast, its vexing
finality of living motion and rippled earth-toned pattern,
careening toward dusk – interminable fade,
downcast and damned toward
all future spatial interludes

Some rung, awaiting,
in muddled remembrance of the void
Percentages in cycles, positions eroded
in prayer, forever lost,
fodder to preying interlopers –

The near hypnotic highway rhythm
transmits vision, transcribes refuge…
Snapshots, committed memory and speculation,
landscape reminder of future highest use,
remains and relics

Hysteria passing lanes and jammed signals,
transmission crossed, reception trained
Static bred through mourning’s season,
breaching cracked from veering sight,
from the year of our lord,
the distribution

In fear, security, voiding reprehension,
black stare encased in corner of the eye,
shepherded and fed,

Disturbance threads a vantage point,
Metastasized, submerged in craters
Wrecked exposure draining,

cyst of deliverance

MM 2/17

Monday, April 17, 2017

One Line Form

Image- Brain of gauss, 1884-1885- Public Domain

Specked one-line forms
Convection, gotten all twisted,
melded through – modulate synopsis
soldered into long, lone ire

Needling cum misdirection,
sutured and setback, into position
Composted – conflated,
the posture of fertility
Tapping a nerve – a vein
Here is where the grain shakes out,
a tiny felted box of razors
Strapping in shade,

or raising the specter 
of time sucked up a straw
Wrists bound in chloroform solutions,
easing, no, lowering
into memoriam,
a passage of said time
Certainty in certain concepts
Eyes retrained, overlaid,
patchwork layers timed out, unbinding
flesh-dripping tapestries,
resewn and unmistaken

(Glances away in wincing sight
Eyes return within form,
within instinct – harried)
Drowning in must
Slurred vision – slithering contact,
culling cobbled planks
together for sound and sturdiness

MM 2/17

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Moderate Dysplasia

Public Domain image

Mining terse indifference,
I tread carefully yet willing to wade into 
a waist-deep sty or milieu, unencumbered
by varicose circulation or circular logic
Every lingering dry-throated horror jumps,
pumping breaks, with squealing screaming tires
Tired of placating constricted pigs binging,
damned from behind the wheel
Scrolling trolls malinger - a shiny window displays
encrusted neon green light-cast nocturnal shine
Polished off loud, disfigured lust
leering down - crossed star-ridden eyes
Their answers lie crawling, sprung beneath some willful
laser-guided firebrand, fired blind,
straight through freshly singed cornea,
embedded in the heading of a caption
Captioning a void, formerly a vision,
razing a freshly planted line of sight
Pilings and debris, a stench so pungent, so pure,
emblazoned on a paneled crest - calls upon the concept
Slow and sore, form of numbness - unbound
Arrested containment - drug in suspension,
modulation slipping into the bloodstream, rising aghast
Read               reach               resolve               react

MM 2/17

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Unredeemed

Public Domain image

Hiding in the margins,
an amalgam of severed wire crossed up,
crossed out,
wrapped impacted in ill repute,
its ritual advance

Scurried about,
just corralling from one vice
through a snaking cover mounted
onto dripping hand collectives,
bleeding and thirsty, passing
the currency of cowards

from on high and in vantage,
insipid advance of the interminable
depth of a dirge,
surfacing from atop a regal stone,
undressing of the wound

to maggots underneath
the violence and ruptured disturbance
Myriad starts, symmetrical spirals,
shockingly unearthed
from messaging and interference
Harbingers in currents

Unwashed and untoward in the downward cast
of voice instilled and destemmed,
of burgeoning and bludgeoning
the blunted end of a rancorous stake
uncrossed and controverted

Moving points across,
gasping and blue in mounting swells,
pensive, appendage to rank and concept
Sprawled about and calling out,
the apotheosis of degeneration
Of common fodder

MM 1/17

The Burial (Please Find Enclosed)

Photo courtesy of

When I dearly depart from this vain earth –
just wrap my body in a burlap sack,
take me to the crook of the woods,
release to the subsoil to which I belong

In preparation for this crucial mass –
float some words piped ‘cross the brown room,
pontificated for a clearer haze,
from minor chords with frenetic pace

If a priest is sent to read last rites –
confer with them a book of spite,
with god-formed brows and distorted limbs,
frozen ghosts with a sweltering eye

Solicit some cold black witticisms,
cackling cracked-smiled sly rejoinders,
flowing clean – anew from a spirit birth,
raised out of reach in proclamations

Close with prayer and questionnaires,
processions shown aground in shadowed vignettes,
passage of the sack, one hand to another,
dampening in its hallowed retreat

MM 1/17